Public Access and Historic Sites along the Willimantic River - Lower River Region

Coventry & Mansfield, CT

Map of Public Access and Historic Sites in the Willimantic River - Headwaters Region


  1. Eagleville Lake, Mansfield & Coventry
    FishingCanoeing/KayakingCarry-in Boat AccessNature ObservationHandicapped-accessible
  2. Eagleville Preserve, Mansfield
    HikingFishingCanoeing/KayakingCarry-in Boat AccessNature ObservationX-Country Skiing

Historic Sites

  1. Eagleville mill, 1841-1956. Mill products included cotton, Civil War arms, and shoe supplies. Mill village, Eagleville dam/lake, and tailrace channel can be seen along Rt. 275 by the bridge in Mansfield. For more information see Eagleville Preserve.

Maps created by Denise Burchsted from data provided by CT DEEP through UConn's Map and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC). Data accessed on March 2005. Additional information provided by the Willimantic River Alliance.