Public Access and Historic Sites along the Willimantic River - Windham/Willimantic Region

Coventry, Mansfield, Columbia, Lebanon & Windham/Willimantic, CT

Map of Public Access and Historic Sites in the Willimantic River - Windham/Willimantic Region


  1. Hop River State Greenway Trail, Columbia to Vernon
    HikingBikingNature ObservationX-Country Skiing
  2. Potter Meadow Preserve, Columbia
    HikingFishingNature Observation
  3. Airline State Greenway Trail, East Hampton to Putnam
    HikingBikingNature ObservationX-Country Skiing
  4. Willimantic River Trail, Willimantic
    HikingFishingCanoeing/KayakingCarry-in Boat AccessNature ObservationX-Country Skiing
  5. Willimantic Whitewater Park, Willimantic
  6. Windham Mills State Heritage Park, Willimantic
  7. Windham Garden on the Bridge, Willimantic
  8. Recreation Park, Willimantic
    HikingX-Country SkiingRestroomsAthletic FieldsHandicapped-accessible

Historic Sites

  1. Wilimentuck, "land of swift moving waters." The river drops 90 feet as it flows through the city of Willimantic. Native Americans fished at a series of falls until colonists built dams for mills (six dams/falls remain). J and K are former cotton mill sites next to Bridge Street (Route 289). A freight office (J) remains as part of the Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum, which has restored the old railroad yard and roundhouse. The Smithville Company's store (granite building at K) remains at the corner of Main and Bridge Streets.
  2. See previous listing ("J")
  3. Mill site since 1700's. Grist, saw, paper, cotton and linen mills. American Thread Company (1898-1985). Granite mill buildings are being restored and leased to businesses. They can be viewed from Windham Mills State Heritage Park. The Windham Textile and History Museum is across from the park on Main Street (Route 66) in Willimantic.
  4. Willimantic River joins Natchaug River to form Shetucket River. Former mill site above this confluence, 1706-1920. Saw, grist, cotton and linen mills. Mill site is next to Windham's Recreation Park on lower Main Street (Route 14) in Willimantic.

Maps created by Denise Burchsted from data provided by CT DEEP through UConn's Map and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC). Data accessed on March 2005. Additional information provided by the Willimantic River Alliance.