If you love nature, swimming, and surfing, then you must head to the breathtaking picturesque beaches of Australia. Rest assured, you will catch countless waves and ride them any way you like, standing or resting on the surfboards. In this piece, we have put together the definitive list of Australian beaches providing you with waves for surfing. Enjoy this voyage of discovery.

Black Rock, Jervis Bay 

The Black Rock bay is in the Aboriginal neighborhood of Wreck Bay. That beach shows surfers one of the most admired waves in Australia. Each time you see them, you long to photograph them.

That bay is also called Wreck Bay, Aussie Pipe, or Summercloud Bay. The place is known to be the number one surfing reserve globally. That alone makes it a lively place for tourists and residents.

Main Break, Margaret River

Margaret River is in Western Australia and has multiple spectacular but challenging surfing spots. However, the most distinguished one is the Main Break.

This offshore pool is for advanced surfers as it features extra deep cavities, bowls, bumps, and a strong swell that combines into a complete surfing experience for the very best surfers. To confirm this tough challenge that nature poses to first-class surfers, travel to a Vantage point to watch professionals ride waves that are 20 feet high.

Crescent Head, NSW

If you are looking for suitable waves for both the pros riding long boards and the beginners, head to the Crescent Head. Its point break is renowned worldwide for making films.

It is in the north of Port Macquarie and, it stretches the coastline for 25 km. This beach has four impeccable right-hand point breaks that create incredible rides of more than 200 meters.

Noosa Heads, QLD

Noosa Heads presents you with picturesque breaks comparable to the best in the world. The beaches there offer all surfers with varying skill levels the enjoyment of breaks surfing in calm waters in Australia.

It provides spots for you to express your love for surfing on the waves and crowns your efforts with multiple long board breaks. This place gives pros and beginners the right atmosphere to show their skill riding on waves as high as 200 meters or basic swells.

Prevelly Bay, WA

Prevelly Bay is a world-class tourist attraction offering long board or kit surfers, swimmers, and sunbathers the experience of a lifetime. Margaret River provides surfers with many breaks, but Prevelly bay is the hub of surfing. Beginners cannot tackle the swells that create rotations of about 6 meters.

Prevelly bay is the spot for global competitors fighting to win at the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro. That beach is one of the few beaches in Australia, surfers wear helmets.

Bells Beach, VIC

The Bells Beach near Torquay is a prestigious historic beach that has hosted the most notable surfers’ events in Australia since 1962. Today that event is called the Rip Curl Pro.

The bells beach is the best place for surfers, and even if you wish to watch experts tackle the giant swells there.

That beach features incredible strong swells giving you a matchless surf that rises over 5 meters above the red earthen crags.


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