Australia is the world’s best destination for surfers. This is because of the good weather and plethora of reefs, rivers, and beaches. Often regarded as the surfer’s paradise, this country has wonderful surfing destinations like Lighthouse Beach, Cresent head, Noose head, and the Missingham bridge Ballina. If you want great waves, amazing sea scenery and nice surfing camps, visit Ballina today.

About Missingham bridge, Ballina

Missingham bridge is located in the town of Ballina. It links central Ballina and east Ballina together. This serene location is where the North creek and Richmond River meets and is a good destination for experienced and new surfers.

You can view the beauty of the ocean from the bridge. Ballina is a quiet town on the side of the northern river of New South Wales in Australia. It has a modest population of 30,000 and lies on the Richmond River while serving as a gateway to Byron Bay.

Dangers of surfing in the Missingham bridge Ballina

While surfing at the Missingham bridge in Ballina can be fun and exciting, there are some dangers surfers should look out for.


While drowning is not common in the missingham bridge, it is possible to, even with experts. Anyone could be overpowered by the strong waves that usually come during the day. Drowning could also happen when a surfboard hits you or when you misstep. Be wary of surfing during bad weather to avoid mishaps.

Powerful waves

This is one of the popular surfing hazards while in missingham bridge and here is why. The waves in the waters carry huge energy and make duck diving difficult. When this happens a surfer could be submerged or have their head slammed on the ocean floor.

Marine life

There is much marine life that can pose danger to surfers in Ballina. We have sharks, stingrays, and eels. While this isn’t a common occurrence, it should be expected. You are intruding into their habitat, so they may feel agitated. Try to avoid shark-infested areas, and you will be fine.

Rip currents, tides, and undertows

Ocean rips are not that popular when it comes to surfing hazards, but they are dangerous. Oceanography Institute in Australia believes that few dozen die when caught in rip currents and undertows. They might not be powerful to pull surfers into the seas, but they exhaust your energy.

How to avoid injuries and hazards when surfing in Missingham bridge, Ballina?

Despite the prevalent dangers of surfing in Ballina, there are useful tips that can help you avoid these incidents.

  • Warm-up before surfing

It is advised to be prepared before going to surf. Take surfing lessons, get good surfing equipment like sunscreen and surfboards.

  • Learn basic surfing etiquette

To reduce collisions on the surf, you need to know simple surfing ethics. Respect other surfers’ rights, avoid showboat to denigrate other surfers, let everyone have their share of the waves.

  • Purchase good surfing gears

Buy quality helmets, surfing boards with flexible fins, and excellent nose guards. These nose guard will reduce surfing hazards. You could also buy a wetsuit, sun protection (to reduce sea bed abrasions), and leg ropes are also useful.

  • Never surf alone if you are a beginner

For newbies in surfing, always go with surfing experts to avoid problems. An experienced surfer will always come in handy when issues spring up.


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